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My theory is if it was an "accident" then you wlduon't have anything to hide. I understand there was no evidence of murder but in either case no one would just dispose of their child in a bag in the swamp especially if it was an accident. That child deserved a proper burial not to be decomposing in a trunk or swamp. I am not saying she is guilty of the murder but a bad parent for the decisions made after her death. If she was a good mother she would have done everything right by her child. If she could disregard her own blood in such a repulsive manner think of the neglect that she would give to a child that isn't hers. I think the only reason she is doing this is to prove something but down the road can she really handle the burden of parenting? Is she thinking long run or is she merely being selfish again and thinking short term? I just don't think a child is her way to redemption. If a child molester cannot be around children after they have served their time then why are potential murders allowed?There are so many loving parents looking to adopt who would truly love that child not just use that child to make a statement. Even if you don't believe she actually murdered her own child how can you anyone look the other way when it comes to how that poor child was disposed? That to me is neglect and selfish. I am a single mother and to me parenting can be frustrating but there is not a moment goes by that I regret giving up dating, partying or anything over the past 12 years. Can she honestly give all that up for a child? I don't think she can. I just don't think she is suitable enough to protect a child. Being a parent means putting them before everything else. I would admire her attempt if I honestly thought it wasn't just about making a statement. god bless the child that will become her's. If any "accidents" happen may she be the parent and stand up to it regardless of the consequences.

Go Travel - SunMedair Travel & Tourism Services

Go Travel - SunMedair Travel & Tourism Services
Lipscani 42, sector 3
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Bucurestiul, un oras mult mai sigur, de cand este securizat cu sisteme de supraveghere.

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